0.9.14 Common Test 2 Patchnotes

Public test is online by the way.
Changes in Version 0.9.14 Common Test 2 vs. Version 0.9.14 Common Test 1
Technical Improvements
1. Fixed the issue with an error message that could appear upon minimising the game client.
2. Fixed the crash of the game client upon loading a map or Battle Training.
3. Fixed an issue with a disproportionate rectangular shadow displayed under the vehicle.
4. Missions in the Manoeuvres section will be available for players who registered in the game after the release of version 0.9.10 and who have completed the “Further Research” mission in Recruit Training. Previously, these missions were available for those players who had fought fewer than 50 battles before version 0.9.10 was released.
5. Fixed some minor issues with the interface.
Game Features
1.1 Improved Sound
1. Fixed an issue with repeated sound of track repairs completion for nearby vehicles.
2. Fixed an issue with disruption of the sound of falling coins when purchasing an item with credits or gold.
3. Fixed an issue with the abrupt stopping of music upon closing the Battle Results screen.
4. Fixed the issues with duplicate playback of music in the battle loading screen.
5. Fixed the delay of voice notification playback upon hitting an enemy vehicle.
6. Fixed an issue with certain missing sounds of engines, shots, vehicle destruction by ammo rack detonations, as well as missing voice notifications.
7. Increased the volume of engine and track sounds. Balanced the volume of main sounds and decreased the overall noise.
8. Improved the sound indicating the direction from which a shot was fired.
9. Distinguished the sound of destruction of player’s vehicles from the general combat ambiance.
10. Remade the sound played upon triggering Sixth Sense.
1.2 Improved Vehicle Movement Physics:
1. Fixed some general technical issues.
2. Fixed the issue for SPGs where the reticle did not follow the camera in Artillery Aim.
3. Adjusted the damage the vehicle receives from hitting the ground when falling from a hill.
4. Decreased the jitter of camera in Sniper Mode when driving on irregular terrain.
5. Improved vehicle responsiveness to control buttons.
1. Fixed the issue with incorrectly rotated Emblems on the sides of the E 25.
2. Fixed the issue with incorrect number of suspension wheels for the 105 leFH18B2 SPG.
3. Improved the hull armour of the MS-1.
4. Added the missing tooltip for Czechoslovakian nation in the Tech Tree screen.