TOG II* Available on EU

This offer will be available in the Premium Shop from 23 February at 06:10 until 25 February at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).
Seb: I have that tank. Not too good, not too bad, but one thing is certain: it is extremely slow.


Collector’s Gem – TOG II*

€ 19.99
This offer is a good chance to expand your tank collection with a British beached battleship turned tank.
The TOG II* is easily one of the biggest vehicles you can meet in Tier VI battles and definitely one of the slowest ones in the entire game. However, the lack of speed is compensated for with a huge HP pool and a fast-firing 17-pounder gun, that can really make the enemy’s life so much more difficult. Plus, don’t forget the fun factor, stemming from just being able to drive this warship through the battlefield!
This tank comes bundled with a garage slot and 1,750 gold for other expenses.