Q&A – 18th February 2016

– the term “hand brake” caught on, despite it being a “hand track blocker”;
– the center of mass of a tank was lowered for it not to tip over easily;
– sound settings on the test client are preferrably to be set to “default”;
– permanent track repair sound is a bug which made its way into the test;
– new physics partially influenced ramming, now it’s possible to tip an enemy over;
– FoV has a high impact on speed perception, a high value produces a high percieved speed, but also influences FPS;
– the concrete “teeth” on “Siegfired Line” can be jumped over on fast tanks, that’s a feature;
– new places which are available due to new physics are few;
– regarding sound: those who have single-core CPU’s won’t notice an impact;
– new physics are completely server-side;
– currently, the gun sound does not depend on surroundings (e.g. city, forest etc.);
– 4 shell types, 6 calibers and 3 damage severity types give 460 sound variations overall;
– the possibility of hearing enemy SPG fire is being considered;
– the higher the mass of the tank, the higher the inertia (TN: duh, physics 101…);
– if players could choose between old and new sound system, this would inflate the game’s content by factor 2, and two sound engines cannot be supported at once;
– the players need time to get accustomed to the new sound system;
– the problem with getting on one map often is being worked on, currently it’s just advised to change the server;
– the frontal armor thickness of the MS-1 is a bug in characteristics, it will be fixed;
– the IS-3 stock turret was modelled using old information, as soon as the Kirovets is in the game, it will be replaced;
– the FV4202 will probably recieve a buff to be on par with the Centurion Mk. I;
– the Pz. 58 Mutz has a strange behaviour when turning the turret about 45° along the tanks’ hull axis and tipping the gun downward – the gun starts to move jerkily up and down – this is a mechanism to prevent the gun barrel to enter the hull, it will stay;
– to prevent the sounds from “sticking”, a narrow band should be selected, should help;