Q&A – 16th February 2016

Translated by Vladimir.
– platoon “keychains” (TN: slang on RU for low-tiers in high-tier platoons) will be restricted;
– no work on ricochet/penetration decals in HD is being conducted, they’re not a priority;
– no new crew skills will come in the next two patches – the current focus is on solving existing problems;
– in the new physics model, the center of mass is not directly in the middle of the tank, but shifted downwards to reduce the amount of tanks turning over, since a realistic center of mass would prevent playing “like before”;
– caution is advised when playing with new physics for the first time;
– you can flip your tank over on any bump/slope going at high speed and turning sharply;
– the new visual model of the Maus has various fixes to shape it more like Y. Pasholok’s data suggests;
– Storm on IS-6:
– “Side armor angle became slightly better;
– “Roof became slightly smaller looking from the front”;
– “Lower glacis is okay, bottom is okay”;
– Storm on new patch:
– “WT E-100 replacement will come, if it won’t be scrapped (not everyone likes it)”;
– “XP for tanking will come, this task was ressurected from the dead”;
– “no new personal missions yet (at least not in the upcoming next two patches)”;
– Storm on Grille 15:
– “I personally don’t quite like the looks of it, however:
– “it is more real – there are drawings (even if it would have supports in real life)”;
– “it continues the Waffenträger concept of the previous vehicles more correctly”