WoWS Q&A – Valentine's Day 2016

From Babykim, EU Forums:
A few recent news from developers on RU forums. Sorry, I don’t know the exact names of the new skills (skipped the test server)
1). New AA skill will not turn off automatic AA, but will increase the efficacy of the manual AA focus.
2). New torpedo skill, which applies to ship as well as aerial torpedoes, will be counterbalanced for the carriers by longer convergence of the ALT aiming template.
3). New skill that add HP will also strengthen all other ship components, in particular also the turrets.
4). The German battleship Gross Deutschland will be a project H41 ship (not a H44 type) with main caliber of 420mm which is larger than that of the Montana but small than that of the Yamato. The Yamato will remain the most heavily armed battleship in game.
There will be no change in CV template when using the new torpedo skill. What sub_octavian actually said is that, when launched, torpedoes get armed using a timer, i.e. after a certain time following the launch. So faster torpedoes means you have to launch further away for torpedoes to arm. The developers think this would counterbalance the speed. I doubt.
Secondly, the skill that adds hit points will not strengthen turrets and other fittings. I don’t really understand what developers said on this one (I doubt anyone did). They just pointed out that cruisers will benefit because they will survive longer when flooding or on fire.