WoWS Q&A – 12th February 2016

Translated by Carnotzet.
Some information about Atlanta (mostly stats). Nothing really new though.
The Atlanta is a difficult ship to play and doesn’t allow any mistakes. It’s very skill-dependent, compared to Murmansk and Atago (I won’t call anyone bad [at the game] but playing to the advantage of the ship is quite hard). We have no plans to change Atlanta’s stats yet, but we’re looking at different ways to improve it (consumables, upgrades, etc.)
Regarding its AA, it will be even better as of patch 0.5.3.
According to current stats, here are some interesting facts:
Atlanta’s win ratio is higher than York’s and Pensacola’s, but lower than Myoko’s. Average damage is about 2k lower than other cruisers, which puts it in last place in this regard. AA is nearly as strong as MK’s. Winnings are about a third higher than other tier 7 cruisers.
Info regarding Bots and AFKers.
I must inform you that we are actively working on measures for fighting Bots/Afkers and other unsporting behaviours, but you won’t see them in game until several major updates have been released. That is why it isn’t currently relevant to talk about details and specific dates. As soon as we can, we will publish an article on this topic and we’ll be more than pleased to discuss possible solutions to this issue with you, dear players.
Nevertheless, here is what I can tell you about this topic:
1. Bots can be created in our game. However, due to ongoing work on client protection, creating bots is significantly harder. Nevertheless, we don’t deny the problem and the necessity to work on a solution.
2. Bots are harmful to players and developers alike. “Well thank you captain for your input!”. Bots that do badly in battle, are harmful to players as they damage their gameplay. Bots that “play” badly are even more harmful to us, developers, as they are detrimental to the economy (and it can be hard to distinguish them from bad players).
3. Not all accounts that show poor skill, or low win rate despite a high number of battles are bots. We studied quite a lot of cases. The following examples don’t happen often but they sometimes do: a kid is wandering around the map and looking at ship models, an old man comes home from work and plays lazily, because he likes to play that way and it suits him. These kinds of people also exist, they are among us, and nothing is wrong with the way they play, naturally.
4. Going on a witch hunt is bad. We can set limitations to the game, however we don’t want to get up in arms – in particular when it has a psychological side to it – we want to solve problems systematically.
5. This issue requires time and your help. It takes us time to collect your complaints about “botting”, to gather relevant statistics, analyse and track them. This will allows us to take concrete action, and ensure that the information is correct (punish only the guilty). You, and only you, can help by sending us complaints about “botting”. It is absolutely necessary.