The Lion-class Battleship

From our reader GrimmaceNA.
Greetings everyone, today I would like to show you the Lion class Battleship. It was planned to have four members of this class. Two were laid down in 1939 but construction basically stopped because of the war. The little work that was done was broken up in 1942-43.
Armed with 9-16 inch guns main guns, secondaries were 16-5.25 D/P guns in twin turrets. The AA would need to be adjusted since they only designed it to have 48 pom-poms 6-8.

They were designed with an increased beam than the previous King George V class which would allow for better torpedo protection. They would have been capable of about 30 knots.
Now I would put this at tier 9. I chose 9 because its all about those guns. They were designed to fire every 20 seconds compared to the normal 30. They delivered a 2375lb shell compared to the 2048lb shell of the 16 inch gunned Battleship Nelson, which means better everything.
Source: All The World’s Battleships