The Krasni Kavkaz Cruiser

Another small article from our reader GrimmaceNA. This time about a Soviet cruiser:
Greetings everyone, today I am showing you a Russian cruiser from my book “Jane’s Fighting Ships of WWII”.

This is the Krasni Kavkaz. Laid down during WWI, construction was halted during the revolution. Taken over by the Soviets who originally planned to install 8 inch guns. However, the 8 inch guns proved impossible to mount so it was settled on 4-7.1 inch guns in 4 turrets. Mounting torpedo tubes, a catapult, and various AA guns which were upgraded many times during WWII. She had a speed of about 30 knots.
Participating mostly on shore bombardment during the war, she was almost sunk by Stukas but was saved and survived the war.
I feel she would fit at tier 5, possibly tier 4. With the 7.1 inch guns I would say her rate of fire would be slower than the Murmansk’s and faster than the similar cruiser Furutaka’s.
Damage would also be in between the two.