WoWS: Leaked info about new Ranked Battle Rules

From EU WoWS forum user Babykim.
There is new information about what developers said on what they are planning to change in the next season of ranked battles. This is taken from a video by getfun. He referred to a recent post by developers on the RU forum, which I unfortunately could not find. With a pinch of salt:
On noobs:
Participation in ranked battles will be restricted to players with at least:
1. level 11 account,
2. 500 PvP battles,
3. 45% win rate (in PvP).
On captains:
Only fully trained captain (i.e. not half trained or untrained) will be allowed.
On MM:
The MM will mirror the distribution of ships by nation, i.e. same number of Japanese ships, etc.
On stars:
Even if you lose, you would get the star if you have at least 1000 points of base experience (i.e. without premium, flags or specials).
Even if you win, you would not get the star if you have less than 300 points of base experience.
What is interesting is that this post has been quickly removed from the RU forum.
Would you welcome this setting?
For Russian speakers:….h?v=V7PK0HfcVSk
Starting from 2:45