Q&A 5th February 2016 #2

NOTE: The developers (Storm) replied to the first Q&A, saying not all of it is true (I apologize for the confusion, all the Russian sources posted it like this too). Please take this one as reference instead:
– devs state time and time again that “Rampage” has the same expenses (credits) as random;
– WG does have its own analysis as of why the “Rampage” mode didn’t recieve much attention from the players;
– they agree to players stating that in “Rampage”, autoloading and fast tanks are advantageous;
– the crew perks’ charactersitics, possibilities and obtainability is not yet finally decided at all, WG is concentrated on more pressing matters;
– the desire of some players to add “Air strike” and “Artillery barrage” consumables to randoms is not shared at all, since it would cause “reproduction” of arty;
– tier range of maps will not be removed, a rework will be made so that players with more battles will recieve more maps to play on;
– “Havok” was not completely scrapped, info on the internet about this is a fake;
– it is confirmed that there will be no servers without SPG;
– the possibility to give the T49 historical charges wasn’t even regarded at all;
– regarding the introduction of tier 10 LT – this was not considered, it’s not relevant right now;
– the question of recalculating (i.e. lowering) the credit and XP income for those who did nothing in the match was not regarded;
– regarding the rework of current crew skills, no clarity exists right now, only concepts are being worked on;
– nothing like a “Happy client” department is in existance; (Seb: ;_; )
– regarding the +-1 MM, nothing has changed; such ideas would only be feasible on lower tiers;
– regarding the FV215b replacement – everything is long decided, the only thing which is not is the introduction date;
– the info of inability to rollback the precision patch is refuted, it is said to be “gibberish”;
– no test on SPG rebalance until at least the end of February, there are no final decisions yet;
– new physics and sounds are not another test iteration, but final release;
– there will be no fancy patch names like “Rubicon” anymore;
– not even “laboratory” (i.e. experiments) work has started on ATGM’s;