9.14 Supertest Patchnotes

1.1 Physics 2.0
1. New model for tank movement and collisions with surface, objects and other tanks.
2. New maneuvers added, changes in tanks’ steering behaviour.
3. New visual effects during turns and movement.
4. Reworked tank behaviour during ramming and collisions with other tanks.
5. Added mechanic of tanks turning over.
1.2 Sound 2.0
1. Integrated new audio driver WWise instead of FMOD. This allows calculating audio on a different core, increasing performance on virtually any configurations with multi-core CPU’s.
2. Reworked sounds of the main subsystems:
– Gun firing sounds from interior and exterior maintaining the usual calibre system;
– Gun reloading sounds. The sound not only corresponds to the caliber, but also to the reload type – by hand or autoloading;
– Penetration sound. The player not only hears the caliber and penetration type, but also the damage impact on his tank;
– Reworked tracer sounds;
– Reworked tank destruction sounds;
– Fully reworked tank engine sounds;
– Fully reworked track, transmission, traction sounds;
3. Reworked and re-implemented the “crit bell” – acoustic information of a critical hit on the enemy.
4. Added “sixth sense” sound.
5. Added sounds of tank modules breaking (sights, fuel tanks, turret drive, radio station, ammorack).
6. Added sounds for consumables.
7. Added sound presets designed for playing at different acoustic settings and at different times of the day.
1.3 General features
1. The “beginners course” received a bloc with “maneuver” tasks for players on tier 4-5.
2. Decreased the number of modules on lower tiers to ease the progression mechanic.
3. Improved the filters and tooltips in the personal reserve system.
4. Clan interface:
– Added clan search function to the “Stronghold” interface;
– Improved visual component;
5. Added display settings to the battle loading screen. Players can choose between:
– old loading style – teams in one list;
– loading style with minimap;
– loading style with hints;
6. Added Belorussian, Ukrainian and Khazakh languages.
7. Added options to the minimap:
– current viewrange of the vehicle;
– maximum viewrange;
– maximum draw distance;
1.4 Tanks
1. Added following tanks for testing by the supertesters:
– Soviet tier 8 heavy Kirovets-1
– American tier 8 medium T25 Pilot Number 1
– French tier 9 medium tank Bat.-Chatillon 25t AP
– German tier 7 light tank leKpz M41 90mm
– British tier 6 medium tank Sentinel AC IE2/IV
– German tier 10 TD Grille 15
2. Reworked 24 tank models to HD quality:
– M44, M53/M55, T20, T40, T1 Heavy Tank, T28 Prototype
– E 25, Pz.Kpfw. T 25, G.W. Tiger, Nashorn, VK 30.01 (H), VK 72.01 (K)
– IS-6, MS-1, А-20
– 105 leFH18B2, AMX 50 Foch (155)
– AT 15, Crusader, Sexton II
– Type 3 Chi-Nu, Type 97 Chi-Ha, Type 5 Ke-Ho, Chi-Ni
3. Improved the visual quality of: SU-100, IS, M4 Sherman, Centurion Mk. 7/1
4. Improved the collision models of: T29, T30, T34
5. Added the “ventilation” equipment to be available for the T28 Prototype.
6. Changed the crew configuration of the T95E2 to match the one of the M48A1 Patton.
7. Fixed small errors in the visual model of some vehicles.
1.5 Maps
1. Added “Paris” map to the “Last Stand” mode.
2. Redesigned the “Sacred valley” map.
Technical improvements
1. Removed shortcomings in the customization functionality.
2. Improved interfaces, added conditions for applying customization elements on tanks on completing personal missions.
3. Implemented disabling the voice communication by pressing Alt+Q. Added possibility to change keys in settings.
4. Improved the interface of customization items purchase.
5. Added possibility to view selected customization items grouped by type (camouflage, emblems, inscriptions) in the purchase section.
6. Added possibility to change currency (gold/silver) to the purchase section.
7. Improved some wrong links in the ASIA, KR client.
8. Improved the camera behaviour during zooming on objects.