Everything you need to know about RigginGate

I knew about it since long ago, but because I wasn’t at the center of things (I barely know the details) I asked some German friends to make a summary about it. (THANK YOU)
Update: Jeff got banned in 2nd ban wave. Also he lost the tank, apparently.
Hi there. I’m coolathlon, a German WOT enthusiast who likes to have fun again in WOT. That is the
reason for making public this problem that affects many players all over the world:
Forum thread EN:
When WG introduced the Rampage Mode into the game with patch 0.9.12, there was this video ( http://youtu.be/NC8qY3nDTv4 ) presenting it as quite an OP vehicle. The missions for this were not only hard and RNG-based as with those up to the Object 260, they were almost impossible and needed extreme dedication. Some players decided to not wait for thousands of battles to get this tank. They simply rigged it. They rigged it to an amount where a ‘nolifer’ player was wondering why he „was the 24th player to get it with some guys having the tank and only 200-300 games played in that mode“
( http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/543610-/page__st__940__p__11905627#entry11905627 ).
WG tried to push the new mode with an awesome tank, yet it lacked fun for many people to see rigged games. (Not to mention the huge credit loss for many players when coming back to garage.) I personally liked this mode from the start with special tanks in May/June/September 2015, but this whole affair just stopped me from having fun. Wargaming took action, or so to say … Ectar stated they are gathering data. This was end of November/start of December 2015. In the meantime people got banned for 7 days for rigging. „Excellent“, the thought, „an OP tier X tank for 1 week without playing? I’d take that.“ The rigging continued. 3 weeks afterwards, there were actions taken: 14 days ban, T-22 removed and no possibility to get it again. Finally some treatment was applied. It is possible to see the end time of a player’s ban with a browser script from Orrie. ( http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?showtopic=263423 ) They all had the same end time, so you could easily identify if a nick was banned for rigging or ‘just’ Unsportsmanlike Conduct (UC). But wait. Confirmed riggers still were not punished?
Manuel1324 (former German Community Contributor (CCT) and participating in the Bothunter Mod, where also I was involved) approached me to translate his text from
for an English version: As a prominent example JEFF_ICH_HEISSE_JEFF_, a German streamer was taken for the following reasons:
•Extremely high probability of rigging.
•Stats that he had in rampage mode:
◦162 matches
◦19640 maximum damage
For his slightly-above-average skill that is way too good.
•Showcasing his new toy lead to several UC bans, while not playing unsportsmanlike.
•He refused to give any replay of that famous 19k damage game. He was not even able to get his platoon mates come up with a replay. From one of the best German CW clans? Early January he posted a replay of some arti play on his Youtube channel. Sure. The video got removed soon.
• Banning everyone mentioning anything about rigging or his replays on his Twitch channel.
• Stating things like “You need like 20 to 40 missions done to get the tank.”
• WG wrote that they found nothing in their data convincing enough to see any rigging of
him. They stated, that “We got exactly nothing regarding Jeff.“ (“Bei Jeff haben wir genau
gar nichts.“
( http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/545829-/page__st__80__pid__11902321#en
try11902321 )
• He stated that he did nothing forbidden. (
showtopic=545536 )
•He was Community Contributor (CCT) at that time. WG chose him to be a representative of and for the player base. The German CCT announcement thread had to be closed with
people reasonably being angry due to former incidents with him.
( http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/473412-/page__st__20__pid__11534145#entry11534145
Now Manuel1324 digged the archives of vBAddict to find some more information. He found a total of 8 matches of JEFF_THE_RIGGER_JEFF_ (congratulations for becoming the impersionation of such an incident!) in Rampage mode shortly before he got his T-22. Although all these 8 games were uploaded by different people at
different times and different dates there were other players
that appeared in all of the replays.
Manuel dug further.
He not only found match reports uploaded but actual replays of those other players rigging. In the forums thread, people began digging their replays for RIGG_MY_NAME_IS_RIGG_ and resulting in multiple replays directly showing Jeff and his Platoon rigging.

( http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/547944-/page__st__200#entry11960277 , Youtube
for those without 0.9.12 client: https://youtu.be/wLEwshp48fs,
https://youtu.be/sgXH06_aI4w )
With this coming up it shows:
•WG’s automated system of banning riggers is flawed. A player without access to WG
databases can show more than WG.
•WG (again) lieing to its costumers about how they intensively and deply checked replays
and the internal database. Yet all they obviously did was running a faulty automated system. Still there were players that rigged (includes helping and not getting the tank) and got no punishment.
From this replay
some are neither banned in 1st nor 2nd ban wave:
Ectar, in the meantime, suggests to send replays with riggers to support, while support states they don’t take replays as an automated system is active (cf.
What we know from former incidents (server hickup in summer 2015 banned a whole lot of players for botting): When WG support says an incident is handled manually, we cannot trust them. The 1000-battles player was also banned and stripped off the T-22. He suggested to support that they tell him when the rigging occurred to provide tickets of said time. With the new announcement about UC bans (forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/550905-unsportsmanlike-conduct-report-category/) there is some movement within WG – 2 months after introducing a malicious set of missions. It’s a beginning of changing the vastly unfair systems that WG uses. But just that.