1-Week TAP Activity Increase, What I did with the Ad Money & Future Articles

Howdy armored nightwatchers. Good news are on the horizon: due to the end of the school semester, I can return to my usual posting schedule in (only) the following week. That means posts usually coming faster.
I also have some stuff I postponed because of the incredible activity today (yesterday I complained about the absence of WoT news, now I found myself overwhelmed by that, looks like someone up there listened to me).
However, I will post whatever I can. Upcoming articles include:
-RigginGate Scandal covered by German players unsatisfied by the fact that WG left many rigggers unbanned (notorious JEFF included!);
-Another SovietTenkDestroyer rework, this time based on actual books;
-Articles on Swedish Camo & Combat Rations;
-Another historical article from Vlad;
-Original research made by me proving why WoT interest is declining (WoWS is not doing too well either);
And in the end, I wanted to tell you what I did with the ad money that finally arrived. I bought some new, quality headphones that hopefully won’t break. I do not live alone, and having new headphones means that I will be able to concentrate more on my work by reducing background noise a lot.
Future purchases will include books, cheap food items that cannot be found here (in order to improve my mood), and whatever you suggest me to buy (COMMENT pls). I repeat: donations are NOT needed or reccomended.