"'Girls und Panzer der Film' Special Mod 2016" Released!

Comes with:

– Ōarai Girls High School Anglerfish Team Voice Pack

– Ōarai Girls High School Tank Garage

– Tank Skins

Newly Added Vehicles

The vehicles below have been added in the latest “Girls und Panzer der Film” version of the mod.
Pz.Kpfw.II、Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.D、T-34、T-34-85、KV-2、IS、Type 95 Ha-Go、Type 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro、
Type 97 Chi-Ha、M24 Chafee、M26 Pershing、T95、Crusader、Sherman Firefly、Centurion

Precautions for using the “‘Girls und Panzer der Film’ Special Mod 2016”

  • The mod may not function properly depending on the specifications of the PC being used.
  • The mod may not function properly when used with other mods.
  • We recommend deleting any other mods when installing the Special Mod.
  • The mod may become obsolete and unusuable after a client update.
  • If problems arise after the installation of the Special Mod, please uninstall the Special Mod from “Programs and Features” in the system Control Panel.
  • The tank skins in the mod pack are applied to the tanks you already own. Please be advised that the mod pack does not provide you with tanks you have not researched.
  • This mod pack was created by external contributors under the supervision of Wargaming.net and the GIRLS und PANZER Projekt .

Download the “‘Girls und Panzer der Film’ Special Mod 2016”