Destroyer "DD-14 Lo Yang" at Forefront!

Chinese ships confirmed as previously leaked! ūüėą
Ship Ahoy! World of Warships will release a premium ship soon.

The first classic warship of brand new Panasia tech tree from the Taiwan¬†Navy (ROCN),¬†Destroyer DD-14 “Lo Yang”¬†will make her debut in the premium shop at the end of January to sail and conquer the high seas¬†with all captains!

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The Story of destroyer DD-14 Lo Yang

In World of Warships, there is a story behind every warship. Some warships bore only one flag in their whole lives, but there also some warships bore different flags successively and cruised on the different battlefields.
There have been two Lo Yang in the history of Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy, and now the first Lo Yang will be appear in World of Warships soon.
Lo Yang was the ex-USS William S. Benson, DD-421, the Benson-class destroyer. She was laid down by Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy, MA. on May 16, 1938, launched on November 15, 1939 and commissioned on July 25, 1940. Her namesake was to commemorate the first Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral William S. Benson.
Benson-class destroyer was the improved version of Sims-class destroyer. She has two stacks and a new “echeloned” machinery arrangement design that featured alternating boiler and engine rooms. This would give her a better chance at survive, reduces the risk that loses all power after got hit by one torpedo. The standard Displacement of USS Benson was 1,620 tons, and 2,575 tons at¬†full load. The full length was 103.9m, width was 11m. She had four B&W boilers and two General Electric SR geared turbines with two shafts for 50000 shp. Her top speed was 37.5 knots, and the cruise range was 6,000 nautical miles at 15 knots. Her armament included five 5-inch dual purpose guns, six .50 machine guns, ten 533mm torpedo tubes and 2 sets of depth charge¬†tracks.
In WWII, USS Benson served mainly in Atlantic and Mediterranean theatres. She executed several convoy escort missions and participated in some amphibious operations, for instance operations in Sicily, Italy and southern France. She received orders to the Pacific in April 1945, and she escorted US carriers in their air strikes against Wake Island in June. USS Benson received 4 battle stars during WWII.
After WWII, USS Benson was decommissioned on 18 March 1946 and transferred to Republic of China(Taiwan) Navy in Charlestown Navy Yard on 26 February 1954. She was renamed as Lo Yang(DD-14). The armament of Lo Yang during this time included four 5-inch dual purpose guns, two 40mm twin guns, six 20mm guns, 2 sets of depth charge tracks and four K-guns(depth charge projector). Later she also equipped Hedgehog anti-submarine projector and 6 Mk 32 torpedo tubes. Lo Yang meant Republic of China(Taiwan) Navy received US destroyers and possessed enclosed type of 5-inch guns for the first time.
After joining the Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy, Lo Yang executed several cruise and coast bombardment operations. In August 1958, she was assigned as the flagship of President Chiang Kai-shek and cruised near Kinmen and Matsu Islands for inspection, then she executed missions like patrol cruising and convoy-escort to Kinmen during the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis. On the other hand, Lo Yang also executed joined exercises with US 7th Fleet and received highly praise of US Navy commander, and earned the respects and honors for ROC Navy. After Republic of China(Taiwan) Navy purchased Allen M. Sumner-class destroyers, Lo Yang was finally decommissioned from service on 1 November 1974 with excellent service record.
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