Q&A – 14th January 2016

Note: I asked my Russian contact (Maxim) to provide other people’s answers from the WoWS WG FM Developer Hour RU forum thread, the place where we place your questions (and are answered more or less). Unfortunately, Storm did not show any signs of activity yet, so you will have to wait for the WoT ones. Sorry. BTW: Translated by Vlad.

All of these questions are WoWS-related.

Q: Where is the server located?
A: The colleagues from the server department told not to disclose this information. I can only say that one cluster can be located in multiple cites.
Q: Which plans on meta-gameplay this year?
A: Team battles, clans and global map
Q: Is a global map for all 3 games possible?
A: In the first stage, the map is planned for two games – ships and tanks. This does not mean that tanks will be on board and replace the smaller guns, but clans in both games can coordinate on the map – ship clans can take part in the tank’s clan actions and vice versa. Clan commanders will have a new aspect – to find common grounds with the clans from the other game (i.e. diplomacy). Tanks and ships in one battle is possible, but not in the near future, not in this year.
Q: Combined command, recruitement of captains by tankers etc.?
A: Partially yes, a common command between alliances/clans is planned. The main development is happening in Minsk on this aspect, but Petersburg is taking part in it. However, no details yet.
Q: Some more infos from the devs for this year?
A: A bit more about team battles. This will be the next big gameplay feature. First came the ranked battles, in which many players participated. There was unrest about the start per rank, about inability to lose ranks. There will be team battles, in which ELO rating will be calculated.
Q: Which parameters will be in this rating?
A: If you won against a strong team, it will give a huge bonus to the ranking, and a small bonus against a weak team.
Q: What about changing team setups (i.e. members)?
A: Every player can create his team with his name etc. The membership is not fixated, players can change, can be recruited.
Q: Will there be “dividends” in team battles – doubloons etc.?
A: I cannot answer yet
Q: Can a player participate in multiple teams?
A: The current plans are allowing this
Q: Can the commander pay his team with doubloons?
A: Such options to transfer money do not exist in our games, but the clan treasury can be distributed, so no info yet…