WoWS TAP Q&A II – Answered Questions

Finally, they arrived!
1) Which branch will come as first in the British tech tree?
1) Cruiser branch;

2) When we can expect the WoT/WoWs accounts unification?
2) In 2016, most likely in the first half;

3) What are the chances for some spanish premium vessels like the dreadnoughts of the España-Class from 1913, the heavy Cruiser Canarias or Baleares from 1936/37 or the Aircraft Carrier Dédalo from 1922?
3) Content/ships are not my responsibility, so I can’t say;

4) Can you modify the post battle score screen? putting things in like a total damage, damage to each ship, damage of each ship to your ship, a real balance of credits..
4) It is continuously fixed and improved, which is done by the User Experience/interface department;

5) Will you add some pve content soon? Independently of random or inside random battles?
5) PvE content is currently in active testing, which is handled by the map development department;

6) We’ve seen reports of armed forts being included in the game, is this planned for 2016?
6) Yes;

7) I have seen an airstrip on an island in Land of Fire, is this decorative, or are land-based aircraft being developed?
7) Decorative at the moment;

8) On the forums you guys were discussing a new class, light crusiers like at the Cleveland it spilts between the Pensacola and a light crusier line. Is it planned?
8) Don’t know, not my responsibility;

9) When clans will come?
9) In 2016;

10) When will we be able to sell the ton of upgrades (not modules) some players have sitting in the invisible depot? Do you plan to implement one depot feature?
10) As soon as the depot ideology will be changed; the problem is being discussed;

11) Will the forward hull of the Admiral Hipper change to reflect the refit it had undergone in real life?
11) Unknown at the moment;

12) Will we hear other voice actresses for the Arpeggio content?
12) Somwhere in the spring;

13) Will there be a skill/option to see which modules on a ship are damaged, like the eagle eye skill in World of Tanks?
13) I think so, the skills are being continuously improved and new ones are added;

14) I’ve heard rumours that there will be a 2nd japanese battleship line? is this true because i’ve also heard there will be a 2nd line of aircraft carriers too featuring the yamato hull aircraft carrier.
14) I can’t say anything on this content;

15) will new lines be introduced into the game be preceded by a premium ship being introduced a couple of patches before hand?
15) No info yet;

16) are there plans to streamline the data being transferred from client to server and vice versa to decrease lag?

16) Yes, we are working on optimization;

17)  are there any ships or classes that are under or over performing currently at their given tiers? and if so how do you plan to fix them?
17) There are no huge imbalances, but we are working on balancing;

18) are there plans for additional captain skills? Or working on redesigning the captain skill tree?
18) Captain skills will be worked on;

 19) Will we get a new branch in Q1 2016?
19) The first British branch will come in Q1 or Q2;

20) Can German WWI ships be given the Imperial German naval ensign instead of that fake kriegsmarine one similarly to how the Imperator Nikolay has an Imperial Russian flag instead if the Soviet one?
20) A swastika flag will never appear in the game; (Seb: totally unrelated -_-)

21) Will the Kolberg be given the torpedoes it historically carried?
21) Most likely not;

22) Will you allow Low(er) Tier battles to be part of ranked seasons? By introducing T3-4 league you may entice more players to participate in ranked.
22) Yes, such kind of proposal did appear already; a “mini-season” on weekends only is possible.
Seb: thanks for your questions, and I will organize the third WoWS Q&A soon.