Gun Depression of Swedish Tanks

Greetings, tankers. While you are waiting for WG to implement Swedish tanks (and destroy the unified EU tree even more 😥 ), Redditor Wheelchair_Warrior has discovered the depression some of them have. M/42 has an unhistorical gun by the way.

UPDATE: It is from the research of sp15/renhanxue



34 thoughts on “Gun Depression of Swedish Tanks

  1. The European tree was a failed and flawed concept from the beginning, and would never have worked. I mean I get it, you want Romanian tanks in the game, but shoehorning a bunch of nations together which have no connections to each other whatsoever is not the way to do it. And it’s especially not fair to the nations like Sweden and Czechoslovakia that can actually make their own tech trees.


      1. The SK-105 could be fitted into the game right now, either as TDs (either prototype at tier 9 and production at tier 10, or the production and prototype get combined at tier 9 and the SK-105A3 is the tier 10) coming off of the AMX 13 90, or TDs coming off of the German Ru 251. The German tree makes more sense to me, but there’s more than enough connection to the AMX 13 to justify putting them in France as well, and they were historically considered TDs by Austria. Switzerland, could be given some branches in the German tech tree,and would work especially great at providing high tiers for the Hungarian mini branches.

        So even with Switzerland and Austria, there’s no need for a European tech tree. Belgium can be put in France or Britain, Finland and Norway can be included in Sweden, Yugoslavia can make their own full tech tree, Spain can be included in Italy, Romania can be included in Germany, Poland appears to be getting their own crews but for tech tree purposes will probably be in the Soviet tech tree, etc.


          1. and how hard would it be to cite it correctly? it’s sp15’s work, not that noname somebody’s from reddit. Seriosly man…

            And out of curiosity, why do you hate him?


  2. Clearly SP15 did this. Just weird that you would act like a child when it’s pointed out. Everyone can see where he posted it and that he did it himself. It’s an interesting post and you should post it, but why the weird angsty teen behaviour around it?


  3. Okm then I understand why you are the less professional wot blog… good bye. hope you grow up and learn to respect other peoples work. but maybe you just wanted to earn easy cash by copying others work and getting revenue. weak.


  4. Look i dont know what you have against me, i get that im posting on Ritas blog but that is nothing you should take personally. If there is more to it than that then do explain to me why you are so hostile towards me, because i cant see a good reason why. As for your comment saying im ignoring you, i dont even know what you mean by this as you have never even tried contacting me directly.

    When i have contacted you when you have used content uncovered by me and Renhanxue (asking that you concider linking the original source) i have been met with hostility. And the first time i contacted you you even came into my thread just to act smug about reposting a old video that pasholock had posted on his blog. A post i did respond to by the way.

    You have repetedly posted information dug up by me and Ren and presented them as someone elses work including ship drawings, AMX 50 100 Data ( ) and most recently the gun depression chart i created over a year and ago. I think you may have posted the leichtertractor manual that we dug up too. Even after all this and despite people telling me to take a stricter approach i wouldnt really have a problem with you reposting this kind of stuff if you could just admit you were wrong about a source and link the original and move on.


      1. Yep, its me and Renhanxue and we work togheter. Nobody else really does any archive research on swedish tanks and the few people who have done some research into the subject have not been publishing it online in english.

        There are some websites that do have info in swedish but noting that can compare to the research we have done.


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