Hello and sorry for not posting today. Was gone to my grandpa and one of his cats died (cause unknown, either car accident or poisoning). Pretty sad indeed. I loved that cat.

1. What is Excalibur?

2. What is WG planning for 2016?

3. Are there any plans to buff the obj. 268 in the near future?
1 – the legendary sword of King Arthur.
2 – extensive. No kidding. We hope to solve many of the old problems.
3 – definitely not.
Conclusion: The Q&A is a success! As long as we ask only a few questions per q&a, it will be okay.
We will also have WoWS Q&As, where more questions will be picked! Yay!

8 thoughts on “TAP Q&A #2 – STORM REPLIED PROPERLY

  1. imi dau seama ca la inceput nu vrei sa il deranjezi cu intrebari mai cu punctul pe i… dar era evident ce va raspunde… totusi poate la urmatoare sesiune de intrebari vei alege ceva mai incisiv.;)

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