25 December – 11 January: [Special] New Year Gifts: Emden

All you have to do is to sink 10 enemy ships during this event to claim your special German Tier II Premium Cruiser, the “Emden” … completely free of charge!

For those who have missed this event, don’t fret. Emden will be making her debut in the Tech Tree as a Premium Ship next week and will be on sale for 1,500 Doubloons!

Action Stations! 

125  December – 11 January: [Special] New Year Gifts: Emden

Event Start: 25/12/2015 @ 13:10 UTC+8
Event End: 11/01/2016 @ 13:00 UTC+8

Happy New Year: Arrival of the Emden

Destroy your enemies!


  • PvP
  • Tier IV and above
  • Once per Account


  • Destroy 10 ships over any number of battles.


  • German Tier II Cruiser “Emden”
  • Port Slot x 1
  • Captain x 1 (Basic Training)

For those who purchased the “Emden” and accomplished the Mission “Happy New Year: Arrival of the Emden”, you will redeem 1,500 Doubloons and a Port Slot.