Xbox 2.5 Update Patchnotes

Download Sizes

Xbox One: ~4.4 GB | Xbox 360: ~98 MB title update + 398 MB

New Features

All Platforms

New tier I tank, T22 Prototype

  • Given to new players upon login
  • Can be acquired in the Tech Tree by all players
  • Leads to the M2 Light and T2 Medium

New Initial Player Experience:

The Initial Player Experience feature introduces new players to gameplay basics in PvE battles and advanced concepts in the Garage. Players can easily opt-out of this feature from the pause menu at any time and experienced players will not see this feature.

15-versus-15 Skirmish Proving Grounds added to the following:

  • Mines, Mines – Rain, Province, Province – Night

New Flags:

  • Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Yorkshire, England, City of London, Edinburgh

Host ability to set Spectator tanks in Team Training:

  • Host of the Training Room can assign the role of Spectator to the players of their choosing

New interactive loading screens

New British Tank Destroyers:

  • Archer (tier V)
  • Achilles IIC (tier VI)
  • Challenger (tier VII)
  • Charioteer (tier VIII)
  • FV4004 Conway (tier IX)
  • FV4005 Stage 2 (tier X)

Major Changes

All Platforms

  • Thanks to feedback, we’ve changed the flow of Team Training so players will join a room first, see what tanks are in the lobby, then select a tank
  • Severogorsk – Encounter: Moved spawn points to integrate artillery into the two spawn groups
  • Unique sound effects added for Manual and Automatic Fire Extinguishers on use

Additional Changes

All Platforms

  • New Proving Grounds training tanks:
    • German Stug IV in Target Practice
    • Chinese T-34-3 in Driving Practice
    • British Matilda Black Prince in Live Fire Practice
  • New thunder and lightning effects on Live Oaks
  • Animated attachments added to: M24 Chaffee, SU-100, AT-15
  • Currently selected server now shows on the launcher under Server Select button

Bug Fixes

All Platforms

  • KV-1: Fixed appearance of Marks of Excellence
  • StuG III: Fixed incorrect gun audio
  • News section of the launcher now scrolls smoothly
  • Airfield – War!: Fixed some ambient audio that was playing before the map was loaded
  • Port: Fixed hydrant audio loop
  • On-fire audio synced better with on-fire VFX
  • Various audio fixes to destructible objects
  • Team Training battles are now properly categorized in the “Log” tab
  • Fixed Gold and Silver pictures in various purchase dialogues
  • Fixed Russian localization for the Object 263 shortened name
  • Fixed Russian translation for “Unowned”
  • Fixed German translation for “Synchronizing Equipment…”
  • Fixed Russian translation for the Popel Medal description
  • Fixed German localization for Team Training: “2 player minimum”
  • Fixed Team Training info being shown in the Garage after leaving Team Training
  • Fixed double item highlight in Team Training room options
  • Players in Platoons can now access the filter, favorites, and upgrades while the Platoon leader is still in battle
  • Fixed Canadian territory flags displaying too small in the reel
  • Province: Added better collision to the balcony so faster tanks can’t bust on through
  • Airfield – War!: Removed a building that was getting players stuck
  • Erlenberg: Fixed floating debris at F6
  • Himmelsdorf: Added better collision to the castle walls to prevent entering the interior
  • Lakeville: Added better collision to destroyed building so that players can’t be pushed inside
  • Ensk/Ensk – War!/Ensk – Encounter: Slightly moved flag base that was clipping with the central fountain object

Xbox One

  • Panther/M10: Fixed tracks clipping into fender
  • VK 36.01H: Fixed tracks clipping into fender
  • T7 Combat Car: Fixed tracks clipping into rear wheel
  • Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf H: Fixed destroyed turret texture
  • Sherman Fury: Fixed destroyed texture
  • KV-1S: Fixed textures and clipping in destroyed model
  • Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger P: Fixed gun barrel collision and Marks of Excellence; Fixed hatch placement to eliminate a model gap
  • IS-3: Fixed camo tiling
  • Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I: Track teeth placed correctly

Xbox 360

  • Sherman Fury: Fixed animated attachment clipping on the rear of the tank
  • SU-76I: Fixed camo pattern on some parts of the tank
  • AMX Chaffee: Fixed camo incorrectly applying destroyed tank parts
  • T37: Fixed camo on the upgraded turret
  • T49: Fixed camo appearing on the interior of gun barrels
  • Panther 8.8 mit L/71: Fixed camo appearing on wheels
  • Fixed an issue where a Facebook post can take a screenshot before the battle results have come in
  • Tundra: Fixed terrain texture seam at C6