World of Tanks: Blitz Adds First Japanese Tank Line

The latest update to the mobile version of Wargaming’s World of Tanks went live a few days ago and it brought quite a bit of new content that fans of the game will all too eagerly soak in. A new nation has joined the ranks of tank-building superpowers already featured: Japan. Suggestively titled “Shogun Warriors”, the update adds a new Japanese tech tree, which covers a whole branch of medium tanks as well as three light tanks, every one of them bringing a new and interesting set of features to the table. One feature which spans the entire range of newly introduced Japanese tanks is their solid vertical elevation, which lends them a rather substantial advantage over hilly terrain. The armor and hitting power of these war machines of the Empire of the Rising Sun should not be underestimated either: they will most certainly catch quite a few opponents on the wrong foot, especially during the early stages of their deployment, before the community figures out their strengths and weaknesses properly.
In addition to the above said Japanese tech-tree, the update brought some new maps as well, like the winter-themed “Himmelsdorf” which is a solid addition to the urban map selection of the game, as it comes complete with countless nooks and crannies skilled players will doubtlessly exploit and love.
As said, World of Tanks: Blitz is the mobile version of the well-known and widely-played MMO title, playable on Android and iOS. Those who create a ID for the game will be able to switch between platforms and devices seamlessly, without having to give up any progress whatsoever. The new garage introduced by update 2.4 will remain live till January 11 and players will be able to claim 2 free days of premium game-play, if they log at least one battle between December 12 and December 13.
Premium account privileges speed up progress through the game as premium players earn additional XP as well as credits.
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