Status Report: Project R Milestones and Rewards (ASIA)


Thanks for your feedback! By popular demand, here is a quick status report on the rewards and timings of treasure chests opening.

Just a few more milestones left to unlocking the ship! Keep going!

To view the current progress of Project R, visit the milestone page.

Action Stations!

Status Report

Milestone : 700,000 (Achieved)

  • 1 day premium for all users
  • 1 day premium (crediting dates to be announced)

Milestone : 800,000 (Achieved)

  • 10 of each flags for all users
  • 10 of each flags (crediting dates to be announced)

Milestone : 900,000 (Achieved)

  • Razer Special Chest + Upgraded Weekly Draw Rewards
  • Razer Special Chest Unlocks at: 11 December, 2015, 20:00 UTC+8
  • Weekly Draw Rewards for next week will have bigger and better treasures!

Milestone : 1,000,000 (Achieved)

  • Unlocks 100,000 Credits + 10 Camouflage Type 1 and Type 2 to all users
  • Credits and Camo (crediting dates to be announced)

Milestone: 1,200,000

  • Gigabyte Special Chest
  • Unlocks at: To be updated once Milestone has been achieved

Milestone : 1,400,000

  • Ship fully restored.
  • Unlocks at: Restored ship will be sent out to all players who have contributed 145 pearls at the end of the campaign.