Q&A – 10th December 2015

Not a good day for me. Hope I will recover and get better grades.

Anyway, here is the Q&A, brought to you by Vlad:

– What about sounds? It’s said that they are quite raw; – The test was not futile, much feedback was collected, we’re working on it;

– I watched a stream where the E50M was turning quite sluggishly, will this change? – You should first try yourself to get a first-hand impression of it’s behaviour;

– Should internal modules be critted by non-penetrating HE shells? – Yes. They don’t crit by close impacts, but they do by impacts on the armor;

– Will there be a sound for accelerating and chaning gears? – I can’t say now, we’re working on it right now;

– Users whine that MT and LT suck with the new physics, and now you say “you should test for yourself”. Seems that nobody tested the tanks beforehand! – Geez, guys, go ahead and figure out your own interpretations and meanings. I don’t have enough energy for this, I tried to talk like with normal people and get such answers… (Seb: LOL)