Wargaming will be sued for the “Not a child’s Game [World of Tanks]” video clip


The Wargaming company has produced an advertising clip (with Vadim Galygin as the main actor) for their game World of Tanks. The advert caused a negativity sh*tstorm from the playerbase.

Link to video – here (18+)

In the video, Vadim is portraying a father playing hide and seek with his son. After the boy hides in the wardrobe, the father nails the doors of the wardrobe shut with planks.

The video was published on the 7th Dec. on YouTube. It was also published on the MDK site on the “VKontakte” platform. The clip was later deleted from YouTube, however copies of it remained saved on various “VKontakte” sites. All copies are now removed after an inquiry by Wargaming.

Many users reacted negatively on the advertisement. It was criticized for excessive abuse (violation) of the child.

“This is not domestic violence, guys. This is child abuse” – Andrey Mahanko, president of “Ponimaniye” who protects children’s rights in Belarus, said on his Facebook.

“Two different occasions with different natures and solutions. In this case it is the occurence of unfair exploitation of the child and propaganda of child abuse. We will contact lawyers, I think there is quite a perspective of court hearings.”

Wargaming confirmed that the video was produced by the company itself, however failed to explain the reasons of it’s deletion.

Andrey Mahanko:

“I already told Nastassia Zanko about my attitude towards the clowns from Comedy Club, but a personality who endorses child abuse in the Wargaming clip, the rider starts with 5 zeroes in USD.

That means, in economical and juristical terms, that the company invested tens of thousands of dollars in propaganda of child abuse – costs of the advertisement company, it’s publishing in mass media etc. This amounts to about 100k$, which were, I repeat, invested in PROPAGANDA OF CHILD ABUSE.

I am assured that before its deletion the video was watched by THOUSANDS of people among whose there are HUNDREDS of minors which present the target audience of this company’s customers. This results in a damage of the company’s image in the size of millions of USD. If this happened in the USA, the company would simply not exist anymore by tomorrow . the bankruptcy case wouldn’t even have the time to open… Let’s begin with the court.”