Patch Alert: Game Update

A minor update to the client is bringing a special New Year’s camouflage and some fixes to the game.

The patch is scheduled for 10 December and will be applied on the servers from 04:00 until 05:30 CET during which the game server will be offline.

New Year’s special camouflage is now available in the client and can be purchased with Doubloons. It gives your ship the following bonuses:
  • -4% to the accuracy of the enemy shooting at your ship
  • +100% to experience gained in the battle
Other changes:
  • Fixed the issue where in some cases players didn’t receive the Top League flag in Ranked Battles when achieving it. Affected players will be compensated in the following days after the patch has been deployed.
  • Tier VIII premium Soviet cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov has been added to the client for testing. It is not available for purchase or for research, but players may see it in battle.