Polish branch coming?

(Thanks a lot Vladimir for translating!)

On this matter Yuri Pasholok (yes, he really answered) did a pretty expectable statement: “At the current time, there is no branch”. He did not provide commentary on why this is so, but we suspect that the Polish tank contingent is not studied well enough.

The suggestion to provide the Polish with Soviet tanks is equal with the blatant copying of a Soviet tank branch (e.g. T-34, -85, IS-2, -3). The tank of Stanislaw Lem (sci-fi author) is not an option, even at tier X. A branch is impossible to combine, there’s not enough top tier vehicles.

For this reason there are no plans for Polish branches yet, but in this case the story with the Chinese vehicles will probably repeat itself, when the news of a Chinese branch were a shock to the majority.