9.13 Public Test Interation 2 Patchnotes

Iteration 2

  • Fixed the display of emblems awarded for completion of missions
  • Fixed some issues with interface in the Clan profile
  • Fixed some issues with interface in Rampage mode
  • Fixed some issues with the interface of vehicle customization
  • Fixed the indication of sorting when viewing the lists of other players’ vehicles
  • Fixed the issues with text conditions of some Personal Missions
  • Voice communication can now be disabled by pressing G instead of ALT+Q
  • Fixed saving of camera position in arcade aim between battles
  • Fixed the display of additional information on the minimap upon pressing ALT
  • Fixed the display of personal mission awards in Service Record’s Subsequent Awards section
  • Rental vehicles are now displayed in the vehicle carousel only when the Rampage mode is selected
  • Fixed the display of the previous vehicle’s name in the vehicle status panel after the player has respawned into battle in their next vehicle in the Rampage mode
  • Fixed the issues with the functionality of the Complain option in the Garage
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to send an invitation to Platoon from the context menu in the Battle Results screen


  • Fixed some minor visual issues on Pilsen
  • Fixed the issue with objects suspended in the air on Serene Coast
  • Fixed the issue with disappearance of some objects on Berlin when using low graphics settings


  • Added the Kolohousenka (Czechoslovakian tier I light tank) for all players
  • Fixed minor issues with the visual models of the new HD vehicles
  • Fixed the issue with overly dark track marks
  • Fixed the display of turret armor protection of the T29 in the interface
  • Reverted the visual and damage models of the IS-6, WZ-131 and M44 SPG to the previous version
  • Increased the gun depression angle with the gun traversed to the rear for the Comet