Storm Q&A – 20 November 2015

Translated by Alex.

Storm is back from his work trip to Cyprus.


Q: Storm, are you aware of the arty bug? When traversing the hull, the movements are jerky and disproportionate to control inputs (in arty view).

A: Yes I’m aware, I will check on fixing progress tomorrow.


– On T34 HD model roof nerf complaints: “Comparisons of blueprints and screenshots are always pleasing. I’ll ask tomorrow to deal with these claims.”


Q: How was Cyprus? What did Victor talk about?

A: Lots of good things, no comments obviously.


Q: When you made digests it was better. What’s happening with new sounds? And I’m too scared to ask about physics.

A: News will come soon on both of those topics.


– WG will now start watching the profitability and xp making of the Rampage modes on real live server statistics, and alter things if there is a need.