WoT Blitz Patch 2.3 – A subjective assessment of the update.

This is WOTExpress (russian vk page)’s opinion, not mine. (in case you wonder why it is a bit biased).

Translated by Alex.

We’ll start with innovations:

-There’s none.

Bug fixes:

– Yes, some bugs, and client crashes we’re definitely fixed, also no more getting stuck on the damned monument on Castilla.

Minor fixes and improvements:

– Track links have been added to the LFP of the IS-4, no armour changes.

– A cable has been added on the IS-7 UFP. Pretty, but why?

New quick command icons:

-This patch was meant for bug fixes, but also brought many bugs.

New loading icon:

– It looks good, if they removed the black texture behind it, that they forgot about. How does such an obvious, unprofessional, bug got through development, preliminary test and super test – I don’t understand.
– It’s now possible to shoot through some houses and rocks, this didn’t happen before.

Now about the new map. After driving around on it, I understood one thing, it is a map for MTs. It’s too early to judge if this map is worthwhile for gameplay. Let’s talk about FPS, there are drops, not huge ones, mainly because of grass and pretty lighting. The rain doesn’t affect it much, maximum 1-2 frames (possibly because I never got in to a downpour, but I’m inclined to believe mobile WG).


The map is beautiful, overcast sky, greenery, when the sun pokes out from behind the clouds it looks amazing. All new maps that have come out since the rework of Sand River look different, much prettier and alive, no muddled textures, good lighting, a nice picture in general. Atmosphere 10/10.