Yuri Pasholok Q&A

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Some good news: I found a source of WoWS Q&A!

Q: Yuri, can you tell us, what autoloading (drum) tanks
haven’t been represented in the game yet? What do the
archives say? Seems like there’s a lot more.
A: From serial production, the ” Kürassier” at the least.
From prototypes, the Somua SM. In terms of paper
tanks… there’s a heap, including Soviet designs.
Q: Apart from NBC protection, what is the difference
between a T-54 and T-55?
A: At the least the T-55 was developed in Nizhny Tagil
(Uralvagonzavod) and the T-54 was developed in Kharkiv
(Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau). In
reality the T-55 is a modification of a late T-54.
Q: What kind of projects were there that involved fitting
naval guns to tanks?
A: The SU-100Y/Shore defence tank 103. If you dig
deeper then the D-10T and S-70 have naval roots.
Q: The name of the Japanese Tiger – Heavy Tank No6,
does it actually have a place in history, or is it WG
A: I can’t comment fully, but WG talked and agreed with
the Japanese. The visual model was developed to look
like the tank the Japanese bought.
Q: Yuri, in the last set of answers, you said there are a lot
of documents regarding French HTs AMX 50 and M4, so
my question is: will there be enough projects for a third
A: Will say – there’s enough.
Q: Was there a project to mount the D-10T on the T-44?
In the book by M.Svirina there is mention of a tank called
Thunder-1. Is this an analogue of the SU-122-44 with a
A: I cannot confirm the words of M.Svirin.
Q: Yuri, do you know anything about the Borgward EP-1
project (one of Leopard prototypes)? What kind of loading
system did it have, drum or standard?
A: It has an odd drum system.
Q: Yuri, apart from the Grille 15 type 1944, what other
tanks/projects were planned to use the 15cm L/63?
A: Maus and E-100. In fact, on February 1944 schematics,
the E-100 had this gun. But the reality of life meant that,
to mount this gun, the Maus and E-100 would have to be
self-propelled guns, or at the least, fixed turrets.
Q: What realistic candidates are there to replace the
FV215b – Chieftain Mk.2, or is there something else?
A: I won’t reveal too much but I’ll say that it’s won’t be a
paper tank.
Q: In terms of tank engines, what are the most powerful,
real and design projects?
A: Real: Maus. Project: Maus (plans).
Q: Were there any plans for tanks powered by gasifier
A: The Germans didn’t just plan, they used them, even in
Q: Which of trophy tanks was the most often retrofitted?
Like the SU-76i for example.
A: The Pz.Kpfw.III for obvious reasons.
Q: Is there any information about Belgian, Yugoslavian or
Norwegian tanks?
A: The Norwegians only had one tank. The Belgians had
English T-15s, French ACG-1s and T-13s for TDs.
Yugoslavs had a lot of “low tier” tanks, but after the war
they developed a big variety of tanks.
Q: Is it difficult to get information about Chinese tanks?
A: It’s easier to work through our Chinese partners.
Q: Do you have any information about Chinese TDs?
There are rumors that all the info has been collected and
passed on to WG, so are there any developments in this
A: ASAP. We have the information.
Q: How many different tanks have you come across in the
archives, roughly? More than a 1000? More than 9000?
A: If you count modern tank and SPG (that counts arty and
TDs) then around 1500.
Q: What kind of premium tier 8 British HT could you offer?
A: None at the moment.
Q: I read is some book about how the war would of gone
if the re-arm program happened. I remember about KV-3,
what about 1940, ideally what kind of tanks would we
A: KV-3 is 1941. In 1940 we would of had SP-126s,
KV-220s, T-34s.
Q: What are your feelings about the AMX 13 105 project?
Was the gun an analogue to the SuperSherman or more
like what we have on the Bat Chat? Would you personally
like to see it in the game, and what tier do you think it
would be?
A: We don’t have tier 10 light tanks 🙂 Otherwise the gun
is the same as an M51. In Israel they would of laughed at
the M50 and M51 being called Super Sherman. Super
Sherman – is the M4A1E8. Calling the M50 and M51
Super Sherman was made up by some over seas
Q: What can you say about the project to arm the
Lorraine 40t with a 120mm gun? Is it historical? Any
chance to get it in-game?
A: I’ve never seen it.