Haloween Bosses Confirmed

The leak I told you about was real 🙂

We hope you’re enjoying the spine-chilling seasonal Port! Halloween is nearly upon us, and we’re pleased to present a spook-tacular series of events: Starting October 20 through November 2, you’ll have the opportunity to battle against two ghostly ships, a new spirited Japanese destroyer will be made available in the Premium Shop, and Wargaming will be participating in a live event aboard one of the most haunted ships in history — USS Hornet.

Boss Battles

Battle with and against two tricky “boss” vessels, Phantom Fortress and Salem Witch, and earn your treat! These spectral ships will be captained by Wargaming staff and representatives. These phantasms are incredibly powerful, so the teams will be balanced accordingly. Earning the reward is not contingent upon destroying the special ships. If your team wins, you get the much-deserved prize!

  • Random PvP Battles only
  • Teams with the ‘boss’ ships will have fewer allies (this is intentional)
  • Reward: box o’ goodies — Signal Flags!

We’ll have folks playing these ships around the clock. Simply join the PvP queue for your chance to be matched with them. Expect to see an increased amount of these special ships between the hours of 18:00 – 23:00 PT (21:00 – 02:00 ET).

Premium Ship: Fūjin

She’s a spirited destroyer modeled after the Japanese Kamikaze, and starting tomorrow, October 20, she’ll be available in the Premium Shop — for a limited time. Keep an eye out for a complete spotlight article coming soon!

Haunted USS Hornet Live Event

Wargaming is working with Scareco and the USS Hornet Museum to provide a truly ghoulish evening of fun and fright. We encourage you to visit the USS Hornet Museum when