WoT Blitz Q&A

Q: Will there be high tier light tanks?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you tell us what the formula for xp accumulation is?
A: There are many factors that affect xp, but we won’t reveal the coefficients.

Q: Will Japanese HTs come?
A: Yes

Q: Is 183mm the limit? Will there be tanks with bigger guns?
A: Too early to tell, 183 is the limit for now.

Q: Which direction is development heading in 2016? (Maps, balance)
A: In different directions, in general it will be universal.

Q: What new premium tanks are you planning to introduce?
A: Many, but I cannot give any concrete info.

Q: When will players be able to use their own gun sights (sniper, arcade)?
A: We are considering options, for now modifications of gun sights are not planned.

Q: Japanese MTs in 2.3? If so will they come with a new map?
A: I can’t give any dates for Japanese MTs. Watch for news.

Q: Any Metal graphic improvements planned? Is it worth waiting for them this summer?
A: It is worth waiting, but I cannot say any actual dates.

Q: If reviews of upcoming night version of “Baltic Shield” are positive, is there a chance we see permanent night maps?
A: Its possible, I’ll say that there will be more than night maps 🙂

Q:Will there be a function to block a user directly during a game?
A: We are considering options, but it won’t be blocking, rather a complaints system.

Q: Will there be a total team HP pool display in the loading screen?
A: No

Q: Will you introduce the crew training function that shows the number of battles to the next percent?
A: This exact version won’t come.