WoWS Sea Trials – Get a Temporary Tier V Königsberg & Gnevny

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For the very first time, commanders in World of Warships can get their hands on the newest additions to the in-game fleet: the new Soviet destroyers and German cruisers. In this time-limited event, you will be given the opportunity to take both the Tier V German cruiser Königsberg and the Tier V Soviet destroyer Gnevny on a shakedown cruise. To qualify for this rare event, the Admiralty has tasked you with two challenging missions, which you must accomplish in order to prove your worth. More details below…

Sea Trials Start: 13/10/2015 @05:00 UTC+8
Sea Trials End: 19/10/2015 @11:00 UTC+8

The Path to Königsberg
Sink four enemy ships in one battle (Random battles only), while sailing in any Japanese vessel Tier IV or higher. The Path to Gnevny
Sink four enemy ships in one battle (Random battles only), while sailing in any American vessel Tier IV or higher.

Additional conditions
Once acquired, players will not be able to sell these event ships throughout the course of the event.
The event ships will have bonus Credit and XP income.
One Port slot and a commander with three skill points is included with each ship.
All modules on both of these ships will have a cost of one XP and one credit
The event ships will be wiped from your account once the event is over

As a bonus to you, all experience gained on each of the test ships and their commanders will be transferred to the Tier I ship of their respective tech-tree.

What is your decision? Would you rather test drive the German cruisers, or are your eyes set on the Soviet destroyers? For the first time in World of Warships, we are giving you the opportunity to fully understand the ships you desire before you commit to using them.

Captains, your warships await! Make full use of them!

Action Stations!

And before anyone asks, this is on all the servers.