Q&A – 8th October 2015

Behold, the daily Q&A! 😮

Q: What is the reason for arty rebalance? Devs were supposed to be happy with the last set of nerfs, arty numbers reduced.

A: You’re right, numbers dropped, but now there is a tendency for growth. Also there are other metrics than numbers in battles. In all honesty, there’s a negative impact on gameplay.

Q: Arty is growing because of personal missions! They’re difficult and cause non arty players to run arty.

A: Arty numbers were growing before personal missions.

Q: How exactly is arty having a negative effect on gameplay?

A: Many reasons: Sudden oneshots, impunity, randomness.

– 88 L/56 won’t get a pen buff because it will mean having to rebalance all vehicles with that gun.

– Japanese heavies are popular enough, especially when compared to other Asian tanks.

– Foch 155 & Obj. 268 won’t be changed for now.

– No decisions about changing or not changing the Foch 155 gun yet.

– FV101 Scorpion is not planned for 2016.

– Very likely that French HT branch without autoloaders will come in 2016.

– Hungarian and Swiss tanks will only appear as German premiums.

– According to Storm interest in cybersports is quite low.

– Team Battles have been quite successful, about 10% of players have participated.

– It’s possible more maps will be removed so the remaining ones can be converted to HD faster.

– According to Storm, the best maps are the ones that appeared in beta test times.

– A desert map for low tiers should be coming.

– A new fun mode is coming for Christmas.

– Havok was tested on Stalingrad, the results were disappointing – huge use of PC resources.

– Havok will come in small portions (movement of equipment strapped to a tank, destruction of small objects, etc)

– WG is planning to make landscape that is affected by explosions.

– In new “Historical” mode bots will play on low tiers.

– It’s possible to make an Israeli branch but it will consist mostly of “clones”

– Most widely used resolution in WoT is 1366×768

– XP rewards for tanking is of medium development priority.

– Devs want to rework the additional equipment system.