Q&A – 7th October 2015


– Rewards for tanking will be implemented this year.

– “Rubicon” is a pivotal moment for the game, it includes various technological solutions that will allow the game to move to the next level.

– Super testers have said the T22cp will be a very good tank, possibly the best reward tank.

– Historical battles may come as missions, in 2016, that you can do with your friends against bots.

– We want to increase the role of armour, we are listening to your requests and feedback.

– Strongholds will get more development, new buildings, features, etc

– Hungarian tanks are planned, historians are collecting information right now.

– Bonus on a native map of a nation is not planned.

– There are ideas about adding new equipment and removing useless ones.

– Customisation will be actively developed in 2016, bodykits (I don’t think this translates properly, probably customising the kit strapped to the tank) will come ASAP.

– New modes with bots are possible.

– New sounds will come at the same time as new physics.

– Upon hits to the fuel tanks you will hear fuel leaking out.

– Premiums won’t be allowed in Fight to the End.

– WG have a list of mods they would like to implement into the game.

– The launch of CW2.0 increased clan audience by 30%.

– +/-1 MM is a possibility for low tier vehicles.