Just Leaving This Here…

Check out the blog of our reader and awesome mod maker, Gnomefather! http://gnomefather.blogspot.no/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gnomefathers-mods-335468446575829/timeline/

Now, some words about the FV Arty Restoration Project (Seb):

Well, to be honest: It never had any chance in the first place. We have a good old saying: „The hand which does not say a story does not recieve free stuff”. The idea was good, but… not game-changing. Meh.

UPDATE: Huge thanks to Jon Hinchliffe for saving the project and donating the rest of the money.

BloodSnow: The image is a pamphlet and should be treated accordingly. It’s really sad to see people taking it seriously. Nobody died, it’s just a failed project that had from the start an impossible target. We’re not taking this post down, whether you want it or not.