Armored Warfare Open Beta This October!

Two dates are planned for release of Armored Warfare’s Open Beta.

A.) The 1st of October to 7th of October 2015 will be for the -The Head Start-
B.) The 8th of October until release (hopefully) will be the ‘Regular’ Open Release.

Note: The Head Start is only for the owners’ of the Founder’s Pack. The said Founder’s Pack will continue to be available for purchase and any progress will not be lost when the Open Beta is released; e.g as when ‘Head Start’ and ‘Regular’ Release happens.

Features: Open Beta Release.

  •     5 distinctive classes of vehicles with unique gameplay: the Main Battle Tank, the Light Tank, the Armored Fighting Vehicle, the Tank Destroyer and finally (but not least) the Self-Propelled Gun.
  •     60+ varied and unique vehicles, purchased from two vehicle dealers, each dealer with its’ own unique upgrades.
  •     9 unique Player verses Player maps – which allow the player to battle all over the globe. Modern Vehicular Battlefields found within the cold unforgiving plains of Russia to the scorching arid deserts of Africa!
  •     15 Players versus 15 Players battle mode available.
  •     25 Player verses Environment maps for teams consisting of 5 Players – the objective: to defeat the cunning AI opponents.
  •     Each player has available to themselves their very own modern military base offering unique bonuses and useful discounts.

If you love Internet Tank Games, be sure to not miss this eagerly anticipated release of Armored Warfare’s Open Beta!

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One thought on “Armored Warfare Open Beta This October!

  1. I played in the stress test over the weekend. I had fun. The pve games racked up kills and wins and was basically easier than wot. The pvp was good. I will probably play it as a stress release when I dont want to risk a bad mood on wot or wows, but I doubt if I will ever be a paying player like I am with both wot and wows. They are serious fun, aw is play fun.

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