T 50 Czechoslovakian Tier 9 Medium Tank On The Horizon!

The TVP medium tank program continued from 1946 to 1950 with a number of proposals made by both Škoda and ČKD. In 1949 the Škoda proposal received the official designation of T 50. The turret was changed from a welded one to a cast one and the vehicle was proposed to be armed with several 100mm gun variants. The main feature of the proposal was its extremely high mobility provided by a proposed 1000hp engine. Several components for this vehicle (such as transmission) were built and tested but a prototype was never completed. In early 1950, the Škoda T 50 and Praga T 51 projects were unified into one, effectively ending the independent medium tank development by Škoda.

BETTER STATISTICS EDITED BY SEB: (Bravo! -Editted by Within Amnesia)

ENGINE: 1000 Horse Power.
WEIGHT: 38.40 Tonnes.
POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO: 26.04 Horse Power per Tonne.
SPEED LIMIT: Forward 50 / Backwards 20 Kilometers per Hour.
HULL TRAVERSE SPEED: 42 ° per Second.
TURRET TRAVERSE SPEED: 37.5 ° per Second.
GROUND RESISTANCE: Hard: 0.959 / Medium:  1.295 / Soft: 1.87.
VIEW RANGE: 380 Meters.
RADIO RANGE: 850 Meters.

HULL ARMOUR: 65 / 40 / ? Millimeters.
TURRET ARMOUR: 120 / 80 / ? Millimeters.

ALPHA DAMAGE: 320 / 320 / 420 (All Armaments).
PENETRATION: 248 / 310 / 50 Millimeters (100 mm AK 1).
RATE OF FIRE: 6.31 Rounds per Minute.
RELOAD TIME (MAGAZINE): 24.932 Seconds.
ACCURACY: 0.336.
AIMING TIME: 2.4 Seconds.

Initial Armour Layout:


Current Model:

T 50 Wargaming Field Excise:

Bonus Image: Initial T 50 Full Statistics In Russian!


Here is (was) the ‘Full Scoop’ on the Controversial History of Pejčoch’s T 50.. Yes I said Pejčoch’s T 50 (the T 50 above is not actually the REAL T 50). The Linked Article (below) is (was) written by none other than Silent Stalker himself, the man, the legend (:-P) who is the Keystone, the Mastermind and the Major Driving Force behind an Independent Czechoslovakian Tech Tree, as of which is being implemented into the World of Tanks. Here is (was) the Link; go ‘Czech’ it out ;-P:


The Journey

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