[NA] Next On Track: Obj. 430

Next on Track in the North American server is the Obj. 430. The notification is up in the in-game missions tab.

  • Time period: 9/28 (M) 4am – 10/12 (M) 4am
  • Applicable tanks: all lines leading to 430 – T-60, T-70, T-80, T-26, T-46, T-50, BT-2, BT-7, A-20, T-34, A-43, A-44 (50% discount, 25% XP), Obj 416, Obj 430 II, Obj 430 (30% discount, 2x crew XP)
  • Rewards: Matilda IV and garage after 10x 25k, Vert Stab Mk1 after 8x, Med Rammer after 4x, consumables after each 1x