Massive bans on RU Server, possibly coming on NA? (WoWS)

Looks like some Russian WoWS players were banned.
Dear players!

The administration has once again analyzed the combat chat logs messages for the period from 16.09 on 09/17/2015, and identified a number of offenders.

Based on the Laws of the Game and the User Agreement , it was punished 3398 accounts, which made ​​gross violations of human and offensive statements against each other.
I would like to appeal to all participants of the open beta test, please refrain from coarse and offensive language to the interlocutors, as well as the use of the mat and the mat veiled chatting.
We remind you that in order to deal with cases of abuse or other violations of the Rules Games victim must send your request to (category – “World of Warships”, sub – “foul play”), to describe the situation is a nickname of participants and the offender, and make unedited nepodpravlennye in graphic editors screenshots.
  • Complaints are accepted only from the injured person.
  • Complaints received from third parties that are not affected, can not be accepted and considered.
  • Any other ways to send the complaints are not considered.
  • The limitation period for filing a complaint is one week from the date of violation. Complaints of violations that do not fit within the specified time frame will not be considered.

Also, one reader talked to one of the US developers on the forums, and he talked about how WG is planning ways to cut down the „toxicity”, including an easy mute option.

Could NA resort to the mass bans on RU?