Churchill III Lend-Lease HD Skin

Made by Redditor Milkym4n. Check out his blog: for more skins

Words from the author:

Privjet tovarischs!

The Type 64 was very well received, thanks to everyone downloading and promoting it.

WG announced a HD model for the KV-220, one of the best Tier 5 credit earners in my opinion but there’s another one that gets overshadowed by the KV-220 and that’s the Churchill III. Fierce little beast in the rights hands.

The Churchill I and VII got their own HD models a while back but we’re still waiting for an official Churchill III model. To ease the waiting I’ve put this little gem together. Take the Churchill I’s upgraded turret and the 75mm Gun Mk. V, marry them with the Churchill VII’s hull and chassis and put a new coat of olive green on top. Boom instant Churchill III Lend-Lease!

The visual model is a bit out of proportion but nothing too game breaking.

The turret is positioned slightly further back on the visual model and the rear is a bit longer but looking frontally it’s well within acceptable tolerances. The visual model looks bigger because of the track guards being massive.


More pictures: