Scraps Patchnotes

Kudos for a monumental update! 😀

2015-08 –
– Added full turret versions of the MMG and Medium Cannon, and a semi-fixed version of the Large Cannon. Balanced other weapons to match.
– Added Large Chassis.
– Some in-game CPU performance improvement, particularly for vehicles with many parts.
– Major in-game GPU performance improvement.
– Switched from DirectX9 to DirectX11.
– Increased max scrap limits a little (40,000->50,000 for 8 players. Select less Max Players for more).
– Build screen inventory shows a little icon next to turrets (weapons with full y-axis rotation).
– Reticles (crosshairs) for active weapons now show them aiming at infinity, instead of showing them on what they’ll actually hit if firing straight.
– Small and Large sizes for the Proximity Firing mode.
– Made the spinning camera effect in menus much slower (it hurt some people’s heads).
– Increased max suspension spring value by 25%.
– Darker shadows.
– More outlines on stuff.
– By popular request, leaderboard now only shows while the key (~ by default) is held.
– Background music for Round End and Game End screens.
– Other minor audio changes.
– Changed the angle calculation for projectile weapon trails – looks more “correct” when shot from moving vehicles.
– Added something to the Test Map?
Bug Fixes:
– In-game messages now show the correct amount of points a player earned from destroying another vehicle.
– Fixed weapon “can’t fire” sound playing too much.