Q&A – 6th September 2015

Q: Why did you have to switch on auto repair and supply every new patch? Are you trying to take people’s gold?

A: No, it’s just easier that way.

Q: This patch the side panels on the Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm don’t do anything! They’re just parts of the visual model, is this a bug?

A: Even before 9.10 they didn’t do anything.

-The tutorial will stop showing up after every patch.

Q: Storm, why are TDs and arty doing so much damage? Before arty they didn’t do one shots!

A: And ISU-152 didn’t annihilate everything in sight?

-When it comes to decisions regarding maps they look at statistics rather than player opinions because opinions can be biased.

Q:Why did province get axed and all of a sudden?

A: Because in all honesty the map is sh!t. (Seb: RIP PROVINCE MY FAVORITE NOOB SNIPING MAP)

-No secret nerfs to armour models or ground resistance were done.

Q: What did you decide with the maps?

A: Nothing for now, might look at making changes next patch.

-About desyncs – so far the reports are no more than usual after a new patch.

WoWS – some answers may be reposted, sorry for that, but there are new ones too:

-The first season of ranked battles will begin.

-Ranked battles will have a ladder of 25 different levels, you’ll play against people of same/similar rank.

-The first season will go for 6 weeks.

– Players who achieve top rank will receive a special medal.

-No medals for participating in OBT. (Seb: I HATE YOU WG)

-Clans will come later

-Doubloons will stay as the premium currency for WoWs for now, any changes will be announced.

-Your service record won’t be wiped on release.