New Supertested Physics Details

-LT and MT will become faster, won’t get stuck on little bits of terrain, rails, rocks etc.

– LT and MT will be easier to jump, although you’ll have to learn not to go too crazy or you’ll end up on your side or turret.

– Tanks won’t lose as much speed when turning – When pressing [S+Turn+Space] you’ll be able to quickly reverse and hide around an object, very useful on city maps.

– Fast tanks will be able to do 180 degree hand brake turns by pressing [W+Turn+Space]

– Fast tanks will be able to regulate turn radius (when circle jerking) using the throttle [Turn+W on/off]

– If a tank is sitting on a hill and showing you his LFP, you can ram it with a heavier vehicle to flip it over.

– You can help your allies if they are flipped over if you are in a heavier, more powerful vehicle.

– If a vehicle has soft suspension, you can use the sway when jerking the tank with the throttle to “create” gun depression/elevation.

Fixes from the first iteration of the new physics:

– To turn off camera sway in sniper mode you have to switch on dynamic camera.

– The ability to do handbrake turns has been removed from TDs and arty.

– They fixed the bug where tanks would drive up on each other, excessively, and too easily. Also physical models were changed to remove a frontal slant that caused this effect.

– Ram damage has been corrected so now it won’t change much at release.

– The gravity force that gives tanks their subjective feeling of mass has been increased.

– It won’t be as easy to flip tanks now.

– Now when driving downhill tanks will gain more speed over their maximum speed (up to 30% increase)

– Tanks will no longer slide down a hill when stopped.