Q&A – 30th August 2015

Long and cool.

-A new nation will appear in 2016 – not known yet.

-More branches for the existing trees will appear, for example Japanese and Chinese TDs and SPGs

-The physics got significantly reworked after the general test which took place this spring.

-Wargaming is actively working to implement DirectX 11/12 and multicore suupport, but developers want to work mainly on the engine optimization, Havok and they are considering adding smokescreens.
-Multiturret a la World of Warships will be implemented soon. Not necessary to wait for it.

-Devs can add new skills for the crews, but have not ruled out a complete overhaul of the current skills and perks system.

Now, some fresh answers from Storm:

-Dingling antennas, cans and bags can be done either with our without Havok.

-There are more players online than last year.

-The core of Chat 2.0 was made, but the interface – only partially.

-New tutorials will also appear.

-The only thing that does not look at max graphic settings is the old, shabby vegetation. But we are working to improve it.

-New maps will be more analyzed and then elected.

-We will continue to add mod functionality in-game.

-The only thing WG dislikes about FV215b is that it was made in Serb’s Design Bureau.

-HD E-75 will not appear in the 2 following patches ( 🙁 )