The Ratte of the Seas: 500.000 ton Japanese Dreadnought Project

I guess we can compare the Maus to the Yamato, right? ­čÖé Or more likely to the Super Yamato, since it was never produced. But this ship is outstanding indeed. A lot bigger than every possible ship that was ever built. So it is like some sort of Japanese Ratte.


Kaneda’s 500,000 ton┬áSuper Battleship

General specifications:

Length: 609m

Beam: 91m

Draft: god knows

Weight: about 500,000 tonnes

Speed: 42 knots

Powerplant: not known, but is said to have 6 shafts for propulsion

Crew: 12,000(?)


Belt: 350mm

Deck: 127mm

Turret/Barbette: 305mm

Tower: 410mm

Bulge: 100mm


50 x 2 406mm (16 in.) main guns

100 x 1 14cm secondary guns

100 x 1 10cm secondary guns

50 x 2 61cm above water torpedo tubes

This ship should be made into some kind of a Co-Op boss or as an 1st April special mode, I guess.


Vice Admiral Hidetaro Kaneda came up with this concept in around 1912 when he was a Commander (not a shipbuilder). Since Japan had limited funds and resources to build many ships, he suggested building one giant ship instead. He came up with this size after numerous calculations to stay level in Pacific Ocean, but of course Japan (or any other country) did not have the technology to build it, so it was scrapped.

Concept art: