Morning Storm Q&A – 21st August 2015

Wow, a new Q&A!

-In the future we do not plan to revise the price of gold shells.

-Every patch we are working on bug fixes and performance improvements.

-We are working on new variations of the new game modes (Domination, Steel Hunt etc)

-The parameter change of the AMX Foch 155 is not planned, but the ideas for it are not gone.

-Nothing told about laptop optimization.

-On adding Japanese TDs like SU-100Y as premiums: Everything is possbile. But why? (Seb: guess a TD line is still planned! Thank God.)

-We hope to make Redshire a good map.

-In the future most implemented tanks will be paper ones. The truth is – we have like several dozen real vehicles left to implement for at least 5 years – extremely few.

-We need arty in-game.

-T110E3 will become even more well-armored than it was before HD.

-Wide Park and Province will not appear again in high-tier battles.