War Thunder – [Development] BМ-8-24

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Dear friends!

This year, we made the decision to introduce a tank-mounted rocket launcher to the US lineup; the Calliope. Following this, this addition in-game was received warmly by many players, and so, due to its success as an interesting and unique vehicle, we are planning to introduce similar vehicles, with unguided rocket armament for other nations too!

Vyacheslav “BVV_d” Bulannikov, Game Designer:

The first USSR self-propelled rocket launcher will be the BM-8-24. It will be available as a premium rank 1 ground vehicle. The BM-8-24 is an RSZO rocket launcher, mounted on a T-60 chassis. The T-60 tank hull specific to this design has a group of guide rails mounted upon it, with 24 x 82mm M8 rockets, which are a serious threat to other lower ranked ground vehicles.

The light tank base provides the launcher with good general mobility and maneuverability aspects. Outwardly, the launcher looks very unusual, but don’t let its appearance put you off – before you is a dangerous enemy capable of launching 24 rockets at a target at any moment.