World of Warships – Rank Battles

According to reports from GamesCom, World of Warships developer Ivan Moroz announced a new game event: Rank Battles


In late August, there will be a new patch (0.4.1) containing this event, where players will be able to fight in a ranked match. It will last for approximately a month.

Rank Battles are slightly different from usual battles: each team can have no more than 7 players, and the maximum number of aircraft carriers and battleships is limited to one and two respectively.

Event mechanics:

-In addition to XP and Credits, all Rank Battles participants will earn stars. A star is awarded to each player on the winning team. When a player gets a certain number of stars, they move to the next rank which demonstrates their ongoing achievements.

-All ranks are divided into three groups. The first group is intended for beginners taking the first steps on their way to naval glory. It has milder conditions for reaching higher ranks. As opposed to the two senior groups where each defeat results in losing a star and, consequently, another rank, the first group doesn’t threaten the player’s progress. The second and third groups show higher competition among players, reaching its climax in the top ranks

-Players get into battles only within their group of ranks. In fact, players are grouped based on victories.


In future, the development team is planning to introduce some unique awards.